Access VBA

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Course description

Level:   Advanced 
Duration:   2 days 

 Microsoft Access is the desktop database design product from the Microsoft Office professional suite. This course teaches experienced Access users about the greater 

advantages to be gained by combining the builtin features of Access with the programming 

The course is designed to give delegates a thorough overview of programming within the 

Access environment, enabling them to improve the functionality and productivity of their Access 

databases, whilst providing a useful introduction to programming. 

VBA Development Basics 

The Access Development 

  • Environment 
  • The Importance Of Splitting Databases 
  • Maintaining Links 
  • Using Queries For Reports And Forms 
  • Understanding Client/Server 

Macros And VBA 

  • Macro Overview 
  • Creating Macros 
  • Assigning Macros 

VBA Essentials 

  • Programming Environment Overview 
  • The Role Of Forms 
  • Creating A Startup Form 
  • Understanding Modules 
  • Code Behind Forms 
  • Naming Conventions 

VBA Subroutines 

  • Creating A Subroutine 
  • Creating A Function 
  • Calling Procedures 
  • Passing Parameters 
  • Returning Values 
  • Scoping Procedures 

VBA Variables 

  • Overview Of Variables 
  • Option Explicit 
  • Default Values 
  • Scoping Variables 
  • Local Variables 
  • Module-Wide Variables 
  • Passing Parameters 
  • Passing Parameters By Value 

Debugging VBA 

  • Overview Of Debugging 
  • Setting A BreakPoint 
  • Stepping Through A Procedure 
  • Using The Locals And Immediate 
  • Adding A Watch 

Interactive VBA 

  • Creating A Simple Input Box 
  • Creating Larger Messages 
  • Breaking A Message Line 
  • Message Box Functions 
  • Responding To Different Buttons 

Decisive VBA 

  • Decisions Overview 
  • Creating An In-Line If 
  • Using Case Statements 
  • Value Ranges In Case Statements 

Looping VBA 

  • Program Loops 
  • Creating A While Loop 
  • Creating An Until Loop 
  • For Each Loops 
  • Exiting From Loops 
  • For Next Loops 

The DOCMD Object 

  • Overview Of DoCmd 
  • Moving Through Records 
  • Filtering Records With DoCmd 
  • Opening A Form With DoCmd 
  • Opening A Report With DoCmd 

Handling Errors In VBA 

  • Error Handling Overview 
  • Understanding Common Errors 
  • Creating A Simple Error Handler 





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