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Course description


Level:   Basic 
Duration:   1 day 

This course will introduce students to Microsoft Word’s most important features. Key topics include creating a new document, making it look professional and presentable, adding graphics, and customizing the Microsoft Word interface. After completing this course, students will be ready to use Microsoft Word to efficiently complete daily tasks. 

Getting Started with Word 

To begin this course, students will learn about the parts of the Microsoft Word 2016 interface, how to create a basic document, and how to find help in Microsoft Word. 

Editing a Document 

In this lesson, students will learn how to navigate through and select text. Modifying, finding, and replacing text is also covered. 

Formatting Text and Paragraphs 

This lesson explores Microsoft Word’s formatting tools. To begin, commands on the Home tab and mini toolbar will be discussed. Then, students will learn how to arrange text using tabs and lists. Paragraph layout tools, borders, shading, styles, and formatting management techniques will also be covered. 

Adding Tables 

This lesson is all about creating, modifying, and formatting tables. Table conversion tools will also be covered. 

Managing Lists 

Sorting, renumbering, and customizing lists will be covered in this lesson. 

Inserting Graphic Objects 

This lesson teaches students how to insert symbols and special characters. Techniques for adding images are also discussed. 

Controlling Page Appearance 

This lesson covers page formatting options, such as page color and borders, watermarks, headers, footers, and the Page Setup dialog box.  

Proofing a Document 

This lesson explores the commands on the Review tab, including spell check, the Research pane, and the thesaurus. Components of making a document accessible and how to check accessibility are also covered. 

Page Break 

Customizing the Word Environment 

In this lesson, students will learn how to customize the Microsoft Word interface, modify save options, and manage other file types. 

Page Break 

Lesson Plan 

Lesson 1: Getting Started with Word 

  • Identify the Components of the Word Interface 
  • Create a Word Document 
  • Help 

Lesson 2: Editing a Document 

  • Navigate and Select Text 
  • Modify Text 
  • Find and Replace Text 

Lesson 3: Formatting Text and Paragraphs 

  • Apply Character Formatting 
  • Align Text Using Tabs 
  • Display Text as List Items 
  • Control Paragraph Layout 
  • Apply Borders and Shading / Apply Styles 
  • Manage Formatting 

Lesson 4: Adding Tables 

  • Insert a Table / Modify a Table 
  • Format a Table 
  • Convert Text to a Table 

Lesson 5: Managing Lists 

  • Sort a List 
  • Renumber a List 
  • Customize a List 

Lesson 6: Inserting Graphic Objects 

  • Insert Symbols and Special Characters 
  • Add Images to a Document 

Lesson 7: Controlling Page Appearance 

  • Apply a Page Border and Color 
  • Add a Watermark 
  • Add Headers and Footers 
  • Control Page Layout 

Lesson 8: Proofing a Document 

  • Check Spelling and Grammar 
  • Other Proofing Tools 
  • Check Accessibility 

Lesson 9: Customizing the Word Environment 

  • Customize the Word Interface 
  • Additional Save Options 
  • Manage Additional File Types 




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