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Course description

Level:   Advanced 
Duration:   1 day 

This course is aimed at all users of Microsoft Outlook 2016, Microsoft’s powerful information management program. It will help users get up to speed on the various Outlook 2016 features and become familiar with its more advanced options. This course shows how to configure advanced message options, use advanced message management options, manage activities using tasks, edit electronic business cards, share your workspaces with others, manage Outlook data files, among other topics.   

Configuring Advanced Message Options 

This lesson gives students a look at how to insert advanced characters and objects, how to modify message settings, properties, and options, and how to use automatic replies.

Advanced Message Management 

Several topics are covered in this lesson, including: sort, filter, organize and search messages, manage junk mail, and manage your mailbox.

Advanced Calendar and Task Management 

Here, students are introduced to how to: manage advanced calendar options, manage additional calendars, manage meeting responses, and how to assign and manage tasks.

Advanced Contact Management 

This lesson takes a look at dealing with contacts and how to edit an electronic business card, manage advanced contact options, forward contacts, and export contacts.

Sharing Workspaces with Others 

In this lesson, students are taught how to delegate access to mail folders, how to share your calendar, and how to share your contacts.

Managing Outlook Data Files 

Covered in this lesson is how to back up Outlook items and how to change data file settings.

Managing E-mail Security 

Email security is the focus of this topic and how to configure e-mail message security. 

Lesson Plan 

Lesson 1: Configuring Advanced Message Options 

  • Insert Advanced Characters and Objects 
  • Modify Message Settings, Properties, and Options 
  • Use Automatic Replies 

Lesson 2: Advanced Message Management 

  • Sort Messages 
  • Filter Messages 
  • Organize Messages 
  • Search Messages 
  • Manage Junk Mail 
  • Manage Your Mailbox 

Lesson 3: Advanced Calendar and Task Management 

  • Manage Advanced Calendar Options 
  • Manage Additional Calendars 
  • Manage Meeting Responses 
  • Assign and Manage Tasks 

Lesson 4: Advanced Contact Management 

  • Edit an Electronic Business Card 
  • Manage Advanced Contact Options 
  • Forward Contacts 
  • Export Contacts 

Lesson 5: Sharing Workspaces with Others 

  • Delegate Access to Mail Folders 
  • Share Your Calendar 
  • Share Your Contacts 

Lesson 6: Managing Outlook Data Files 

  • Back Up Outlook Items 
  • Change Data File Settings 

Lesson 7: Managing E-mail Security 

  • Configure E-mail Message Security Settings 



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