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Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2016 is the latest version of Microsoft’s presentation software. This is the second part of Access IT’s two-part PowerPoint 2016 training courses. This particular one covers advanced topics that allow users to get the most of this software, whether they are beginners or experts.  

Modifying the PowerPoint Environment 

This lesson gives students a look at the PowerPoint environment and how to modify it. They will learn about how to customize the user interface and how to set options. 

Customizing Design Templates 

Making the most of the customizability of PowerPoint is the focus of this lesson, templates in particular. This lesson gives your students a look at how to create and manage sections, modify slide masters and slide layouts, add headers and footers, and modify the notes master and the handout master. 

Adding SmartArt to a Presentation 

SmartArt can add so much to any presentation and help bring it to life. This lesson shows your students how to create SmartArt and how to modify SmartArt. 

Working with Media and Animations 

Various types of media and animations are also items that can be used to enhance presentations. This lesson looks at them and how students can add audio and video to a presentation and how to customize animations and transitions. 

Collaborating on a Presentation 

Sometimes a presentation is the work of many hands and therefore collaboration is possible in PowerPoint. Students are shown in this lesson how to add comments to a presentation, how to review a presentation, and how to store and share presentations on the web. 

Customizing a Slide Show 

Here’s where your students get a better grip on how to customize their slide shows. This lesson covers how to: annotate a presentation, set up a slide show, create a custom slides show, add hyperlinks and action buttons, and record a presentation. 

Securing and Distributing a Presentation 

This course wraps up with the security and distribution of a presentation. The topic here are: secure a presentation, present a slide show online and create a video or CD. 

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Lesson Plan 

Lesson 1: Modifying the PowerPoint Environment 

  • Customize the User Interface 
  • Set PowerPoint 2016 Options 

Lesson 2: Customizing Design Templates 

  • Create and Manage Sections 
  • Modify Slide Masters and Slide Layouts 
  • Add Headers and Footers 
  • Modify the Notes Master and the Handout Master 

Lesson 3: Adding SmartArt to a Presentation 

  • Create SmartArt 
  • Modify SmartArt 

Lesson 4: Working with Media and Animations 

  • Add Audio to a Presentation 
  • Add Video to a Presentation 
  • Customize Animations and Transitions 

Lesson 5: Collaborating on a Presentation 

  • Add Comments to a Presentation 
  • Review a Presentation 
  • Store and Share Presentations on the Web 

Lesson 6: Customizing a Slide Show 

  • Annotate a Presentation 
  • Set Up a Slide Show 
  • Create a Custom Slide Show 
  • Add Hyperlinks and Action Buttons 
  • Record a Presentation 

Lesson 7: Securing and Distributing a Presentation 

  • Secure a Presentation 
  • Present a Slide Show Online 
  • Create a Video or a CD 




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