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Course description

Level:   Basic 
Duration:   1 day 

 This course, Microsoft Office Visio 2016 Part One, covers the basics, and a bit more, of Microsoft’s latest version of its popular diagramming software. Covered here are interface features, the updated help feature, simple diagrams, organization charts, floor plans, flowcharts, and network diagrams.  

 Getting Started with Visio 2016 

We start at the beginning with a look at how to navigate the Visio environment, create a basic drawing, and use the help system.

Creating a Workflow Diagram 

This is where your students will begin to delve into the meat of the course with a look at how to use drawing components, modify drawings, and work with callouts and groups.

Creating an Organization Chart 

As the title of this lesson indicates, organization charts are the focus here. Learners are shown how to create organization charts and then do more with them such as modifying the layout, positioning, and spacing. They are also shown how to create and use synchronized copies and compare charts.

Making a Floor Plan 

Lesson 4 looks at floor plans. Covered in this lesson is how to: create a basic floor plan and custom room shapes, use Visio as a modeling tool, and model a room layout.

Creating a Cross-Functional Flowchart 

What’s a course on Visio without a look at flowcharts? Well, here it is. This lesson looks at cross-functional flowcharts, swim lanes and separators, changing orientation and direction, modifying margins, and choosing styles.

Creating a Network Diagram 

This lesson is divided into three separate topics which show your students how to: create network diagrams, use shape data, and use layers. Along the way they will learn about: additional network shapes, shape data, adding layers, activating, coloring and locking layers, plus other relevant subtopics.

Styling Diagram 

Once your students have created a diagram, this lesson is going to teach them how to enhance it to their tastes and needs. They will be shown how to work with shape and connector styles, work with themes and variants, and how to work with containers. 

Lesson 1: Getting Started with Visio 2016 

  • Navigate the Visio Environment 
  • Create a Basic Drawing 
  • Use the Help System 

Lesson 2: Creating a Workflow Diagram 

  • Use Drawing Components 
  • Modify a Drawing 
  • Work with Callouts and Groups 

Lesson 3: Creating an Organization Chart 

  • Create a Basic Organization Chart 
  • Do More with Organization Charts 

Lesson 4: Making a Floor Plan 

  • Make a Basic Floor Plan 
  • Model a Room Layout 

Lesson 5: Creating a Cross-Functional Flowchart 

  • Create a Cross-Functional Flowchart 
  • Modify a Cross-Functional Flowchart 

Lesson 6: Creating a Network Diagram 

  • Create Network Diagrams 
  • Use Shape Data 
  • Use Layers 

Lesson 7: Styling a Diagram 

  • Work with Shape and Connector Styles 
  • Work with Themes and Variants 
  • Work with Containers 



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